2019-07-10 | Name: Molly and Blake
My husband and I wanted to make some major changes to the home. It was 20 years old and it looked that old, too. Adam and Jarek worked with us to provide a variety of solutions to add some modern touches. The work was done quickly and the crew kept the areas clean. I was so impressed by this company!
2019-05-30 | Name: Craig
I was shocked to find out just how affordable SA Build really was. We had Jarek come by the house to give us an estimate for the work that we wanted. It was affordable and he was knowledgeable about all of the latest trends. The work was truly amazing.
2019-04-03 | Name: Damon
I’ve had a garage band for years. In the past, we were able to do all of our rehearsing late at night. Now, we have kids, so it’s not as easy to practice without waking them up. We talked to SA Build Solutions and they helped us with soundproofing the entire garage. It’s been a game changer. We’re thinking about adding a studio now, too. Thanks for everything!
2019-02-08 | Name: Gemma
We recently moved into the home of my dreams. Well, almost. The kitchen was really outdated. We talked to Adam, who came up with some beautiful ideas to renovate the area. It’s now bigger with more luxurious materials. I feel like a world-class chef when I cook in my kitchen now.
2018-12-17 | Name: Mark & Amy
After having our second child, we knew that the house wasn’t big enough. SA Build Solutions helped us with a house extension so that we could stay in the neighbourhood that we love so much. It was absolutely perfect!
2018-10-27 | Name: Meredith & John
My wife and I wanted to have a loft conversion in our West London home. For years, we looked at the loft, wondering what we could do with it. We ended up working with the team here and they showed us how it could be converted into an apartment, which now results in a second source of income.
2018-09-05 | Name: Daniel
The team here is exceptional. They’re friendly, clean after themselves, and focus on quality every step of the way.
2018-08-11 | Name: William & Tiffany
I had no idea what we were going to do when we first bought our home. My wife was constantly after me that we had to do some remodeling. It was an older home, too, so I wasn’t even sure what we could do. It was a great deal so we knew we had some money to invest in the home. The designers came up with some incredible ideas and showed us what could be done. In a matter of a month, they transformed our entire home, making it the house of our dreams.

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