Builders in Hampstead

We are a group of house builders from London who really make a good team together. As our employees are excellent at cooperating and complementing each other, our work always goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. We understand that you may need your building to be ready on a certain day, therefore we stick to deadlines and do our best to meet all your requirements and expectations. Precision is really crucial in property refurbishment, hence we take care of every single detail, so that nobody could be disappointed with the final effect.

In need of builders in Hampstead?

If you need really experienced and trustworthy builders in Hampstead, we are here for you! We have prepared a beneficial offer that includes various services, so that you could easily find what you are searching for. We can, for example, repair this part of your house which lost its charm already and make it look more glamorous than it has ever been before. What is more, we can also expand your house with an additional compartment or turn your attic into a stylish loft.


House refurbishment

We want to create such a living space that would fit your needs and dreams. For this reason, we use modern methods and materials in order to make your property look amazing and be fully functional again. We always listen to your guidelines carefully to make sure that our plan meets your vision of a particular interior or exterior... Read More


House extension

If you feel that you could use some more space, we are sure that our house extension services will be perfect for you. We can, for example, make your kitchen or garage bigger, but also, we are capable of constructing a totally new interior, which will serve as a room for your baby on the way, as your a space to practice your hobby or to develop your business or anything you can imagine... Read More


Loft conversion

Instead of having a neglected attic with lots of unnecessary staff lying there and spiderwebs hanging everywhere, you could have an elegant living space. For this reason, we perform loft conversion, what makes it possible for you to achieve a new elegant interior. You will be surprised how impressive this metamorphosis can be! Read More


Kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen often constitutes the heart of a home, so it is certainly worth your attention. To make it more functional and beautiful, we can perform complete renovation or, for instance, just install a new appliance. What is more, we work as bathroom or wet room fitters, helping you to handle with the plumbing, wall tiling and more... Read More

Our projects

We are very proud of the projects we have finished already, so we are willing to present them to you. Therefore, you can easily reach our portfolio showing how many renovations and other services we have performed as renowned builders in Hampstead and other areas of North London. The photos uploaded there depict both our work in progress and the final effects, so that you could have a comparison... Portfolio