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SA Build work also in North London. This area consists of Barnet, Brent, Enfield, Haringey, Harrow Boroughs. Finchley is a metropolitan region in the central North London.

The area is inhabited by upper-middle class and working class. This societal mix makes it an interesting place with a unique vibe. What is more, Finchley is the only area in London to have a city farm, which is a real attraction for tourists and locals. This place is also characterised by rich and diverse cuisine. One can easily find a Kosher or Halal restaurant that is reasonably priced.

This region of North London is a place where SA Build works. We are a team of hard-working contractors and builders that takes pride in every one of our finished projects. We started working as a group in 2001, and since then we have been building up experience in the construction business around London.

SA Build has learned that the client is the most important. Therefore, our builders provide a variety of services such as complete refurbishment, house extensions, loft conversions etc. Due to our enhancements to your house or office, you will be proud of your venue. The work we do is also our long-life passion, and that is why we are perceived as a reliable and professional group of dedicated builders.

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Why SA Build?


We have many years of experience which make us the best in our industry. You can be sure that the work will be done perfectly. Our construction company from North London has many loyal customers for a reason.


Our builders from North London are experts in their profession. They perfectly know how to help each client so that he is fully satisfied with their work. Their expertise makes house refurbishment in North London no longer a problem.


The quality of the work performed is the most important criterion for the evaluation of a professional. Many years of work and satisfied customers confirm that SA BUILD SOLUTIONS is a guarantee of the highest quality.

House refurbishment services

  • Property refurbishment

    Property refurbishment is the basic range of our business. For years, we have made our clients' homes regain their former splendor and delight their residents again. As part of the renovation, we replace floors, paint walls or take care of carpentry. We do everything our client and their house need.

  • House extension

    In addition to renovating houses, we also enlarge them. We know how to make you gain more space in situations such as the birth of a child or the relocation of a family. We will help you choose the best method and carry out the entire process.We will always find a way to meet the expectations of our customers.

  • Loft conversion

    An attic conversion is also a way to enlarge the space in our house. It is an often underestimated space that can in practice be used as an office or another room. With us, you will use the full potential of your home.Our team has many years of experience in this field, thanks to which your new loft will be delightful.

  • Kitchen and bathroom

    The kitchen and bathroom are the spaces that require the most experience from building contractors in North London. The ability to paint walls or assemble furniture is not enough. Hydraulic or tiling skills are indispensable.Our team includes specialists in various fields, thanks to which we can offer a fully comprehensive service.

  • Soundproofing

    Soundproofing rooms are in great demand in many industries. At a time when more and more people work from home, they have proved essential in the place of residence. That is why we offer not only house extension or house refurbishment in North London, but also professional room changes. We know how to ensure perfect soundproofing.

Builders North London - additional informations


Our North London builders have excellent opinions, because apart from their professionalism and extensive experience, they also have a nice disposition necessary in working with the client. We can boast of many flattering references, because we meet all the expectations of our clients, we are attractive in terms of price and we offer the highest quality services. Our specialists work with the best construction products.

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Our building services include many kinds of property refurbishment in London, starting with simple home enhancements, such as modifying a bathroom or installing a new kitchen as well as entire house renovations.
From the architect and structural engineer to placing of new structural beams, fitting electrical and plumbing lines - London builders cover it all.
If you choose our building company from London, you can be sure that every detail will be worked on, in order to extend your house in a both functional and beautiful way.
No matter what bathroom or kitchen fitting you want to be installed, we can do it for you. It includes shower fitting and a wetroom as well. Moreover, our team is able to paint, re-model or decorate the interior.